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The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science and What Comes Next
Lee Smolin
A Treatise of Human Nature
David Hume
بار هستی
پرویز همایون‌پور, Milan Kundera
بازی‌ها: روان‌شناسی روابط انسانی
اسماعیل فصیح, Eric Berne
تئوری بنیادی موسیقی
پرویز منصوری
آموزش عقائد (دورۀ 3 جلدی)‏
محمد تقی مصباح یزدی
ادله اثبات دعوا
عبدالله شمس
آیا تو آن گمشده ام هستی؟
هادی ابراهیمی, Barbara De Angelis
اقتصاد خرد
حمید رضا ارباب, Dominick Salvatore

Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot - Samuel Beckett Gogo, one the main characters, has a short-term memory loss (like Dory in Finding Nemo) and the other, Didi, was just lonely and old. Someone known as Godot, out of pity or sadism, would send someone to them everyday to make an appointment for the next day. And apparently these appointments were tho only thing that kept them from killing themselves.
Being an atheist, I couldn't relate to the characters. Maybe I could have done so when I still believed in God and a savior called Mahdi, but right now, I couldn't sympathize with them. In my eyes, they were just two miserable old men who needed help but couldn't get it. I would have helped them if I could, but didn't want to hear their story.
I'm glad to have read it anyway. I'm sure I can't forget about it whenever someone talks about the promised return of Mahdi or Jesus or Buddha or whoever.