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The Arrival - Shaun Tan This book presented me with a dilemma; its artwork was incredible, but its story and message weren't. So while I loved the art, I felt the story is some kind of propaganda.
According to the book, the destination (Australia) is someplace like heaven, while the man's (and other migrant's) home country is something like hell. The right choice is to run away from your troubles at home and to serve the strangers.
We have a similar situation in Iran; Many brilliant minds are abandoning their ancient country and are using their expertise and wealth to help build foreign countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany and most recently, Emirates and even Iraq. I know I sound a little chauvinist or nationalist, and it's true that the oppressive regime in Iran makes it very difficult for many people to live happily. But imagine what would happen to Sweden if every Swede left it for the United States: It's true that some time in the history of Sweden life was really hard, but in the end, the people who stayed there managed to build one of the best countries of the world.
About the story, I think it is episodic and uneventful. The man faced no real challenge in the new country and everybody seemed to be willing to help him.
Again, the artwork was fantastic.