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The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science and What Comes Next
Lee Smolin
A Treatise of Human Nature
David Hume
بار هستی
پرویز همایون‌پور, Milan Kundera
بازی‌ها: روان‌شناسی روابط انسانی
اسماعیل فصیح, Eric Berne
تئوری بنیادی موسیقی
پرویز منصوری
آموزش عقائد (دورۀ 3 جلدی)‏
محمد تقی مصباح یزدی
ادله اثبات دعوا
عبدالله شمس
آیا تو آن گمشده ام هستی؟
هادی ابراهیمی, Barbara De Angelis
اقتصاد خرد
حمید رضا ارباب, Dominick Salvatore
Batman: The Long Halloween - Gregory Wright, Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, Richard Starkings The best comic I've ever read (not that I've read many, but it had all the qualities I seek in a comic book: fantastic artwork; good dialogue; and simple but interesting story.
The only flaw in this amazing book was the use of too many twists, which in comparison to the overall quality of the work, can be easily ignored. I also hoped to know about how thing went between Catwoman and Batman, and what was the nature of her relationship with Sophia Falcone. Maybe I should read other Batman books to find out about these things.