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Along Came a Spider - James Patterson There are many reasons that make me be disappointed in this book. First of all, the main character didn't interest me. He didn't look like a real cop to me.
Alex Cross was supposed to be a extraordinary detective, being a psychologist, an intellectual black and a widow. But all this sophistication and tragic background didn't make him a bright detective. He solved the case mostly with lock.
Cross didn't do anything really creative. Actually, the mystery was solved when other people “decided” to declare the facts: First, the old black woman said she has seen Gary Murphy; second, the black teen girl said she has seen someone watching Gary during his crimes (the girl was too afraid to say so in the beginning); third, Gary told Cross that it was the Secret Service guys watching him; fourth, the FBI revealed that Crosses lover, Jezzie, was responsible for the second kidnapping.
And there were a lot of cliches. Especially when in the end, when Jezzie opens up and tells the truth while the FBI is taping the whole thing from behind the trees. This whole part was out of her character. If she was really such a psychopath, she should have understood that Cross was setting her up. By the way, the romance between the two of them was never believable. Actually, it was a little dumb. For example, look at this:
I reached out and we held hands. "Thank you, for the way you look," I said. "You look so beautiful."
"I did it just for you." Jezzie smiled. "And I'd like to do something else for you. I'd like you to do something for me, too."
And so we did one another.
Well, urgh...
I don't think I'm going to read any other books by Patterson. At least not anything from Alex Cross series.