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Story of O - Pauline Réage, Sabine d'Estree I’ve heard somewhere that in order to condemn something, it’s sometimes enough just to show it thoroughly. In “The Story of O”, I think, the author showed us that the need to be loved at any price, could lead us to let others use, debase, and hurt us. And one could be so lost that in the end, she would enjoy being treated like that. And the scary part was that O, the protagonist, was not stupid: She was an artist, had an analytical mind, and could handle herself financially.
I have to confess that I found this book very erotic. And I don’t think I would find other erotic books as interesting as this one. The sex scenes were intense, the prose was exceptional, and the rhythm was very natural and balanced.
I’m not a fan of tragedies. But this one really moved me and made think. Read it if you can bear watching the fall of a soul to the lowest degrees of humanity.