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The Trouble with Physics: The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science and What Comes Next
Lee Smolin
A Treatise of Human Nature
David Hume
بار هستی
پرویز همایون‌پور, Milan Kundera
بازی‌ها: روان‌شناسی روابط انسانی
اسماعیل فصیح, Eric Berne
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آموزش عقائد (دورۀ 3 جلدی)‏
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آیا تو آن گمشده ام هستی؟
هادی ابراهیمی, Barbara De Angelis
اقتصاد خرد
حمید رضا ارباب, Dominick Salvatore
Lost Girls, Vols. 1-3 - Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie I didn't like the story and the erotic stuff was too vanilla for my taste. Moore played with the themes of some children stories and made them into a symbolic story about women's sexuality. It was interesting for a few pages but then you could predict what's going to happen next. Including a political background into the story wasn't a very good idea and it couldn't actually save the book from being so boring.
The artwork was impressive though, and In the third book, I skipped most of the narrations and just looked at the paintings.