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Lothaire - Kresley Cole Again, a fascinating book by Kresly Cole, but I really expected more. Lothaire is my favorite character in the Immortals after Dark series; a combination of dark humor, intelligence, arrogance and viciousness; someone beyond ordinary measures of good and evil. In this novel, Cole created an interesting dilemma for him, forcing him to choose between his ego and his happiness. I liked that he chose the poor, hillbilly girl over the Goddess of vampires, but I think things could have ended differently.
It still bothers me that Nix, the valkyrie oracle, is actually directing everybody’s destiny in the series, but I liked her moments with Lothaire, when she finally broke and revealed her agonized soul to him.
At last, I really loved Elizabeth, the stubborn mountain girl; especially that she kept educating herself and got a degree while she was waiting for her execution.
I think all these good characters and interesting situations deserved more than a predictable, simple happy ending.